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My New Web Log

Well, love it or hate it, blogging is here to stay.  Personally, I don’t really mind it so much.  I suppose it’s really only the word that bothers me, hence me not using the abbreviated term in the title.

My motivation for starting my web log is mostly that of personal development.  More specifically, How to Achieve Ultimate Blog Success in One Easy Step.  I really like most of what Jeff Atwood has to say, and the case that he makes for web logging is fantastic enough in its own right.

In addition to that though, I have always loved, as I suspect is human nature, to chronicle my life.  So this web log will also be a diary of sorts.  Bear in mind that this means that some posts may be visible to only a few people in my life. Rest assured that I’ve always disliked hiding who I am so such posts should be very few and far between, if at all.

As far as a niche for me to fit into, which I think is an important key to the success of Jeff’s web log, I haven’t a clue.  Perhaps what Jeff has done is to simply write about what strikes his fancy, and people just seem to respond to that.  Mind you, I think that a lot of people are lost on what he’s talking about, but trust me, for the programming community, especially those that don’t ‘know everything’, his web log is fantastic.  It makes me wonder what my web log will look like as time goes on.

So, here it is. I, Casey [insert rest of full name here], commit to writing in this web log at least once every week.  Ideally, I will write much more than that, on the tune of nearly everyday.

See you tonight!


P.S.:  PLEASE, if you see me making grammatical, spelling, or other such errors, correct me, but be kind enough to list a source where myself and others can go to learn more about why!